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Simone Walker

1Psy311 Lecture 3January 13 2014Biological Basis of Social BehaviorAccording to this view we are born prewired or predisposed to behave socially This proposition is old and stems from evolutionary theory oThere are other propositions such as behavioral propositions Or determined by god Has been many propositionsoThis proposition about the biology prewiring is an old propositionEvolutionary theory 1Natural Selection organisms are well equipped to cope with environmental challenges to survivalGenetic endowment biological structure we receive for this purposeDifferent species have different genetic makeups according to their environmental needsEvolutionary theory 2The most fit species to meet environmental challenges are the ones that will ultimately surviveoFor example some animals surviving better in the city like raccoonsThe most adaptive characteristics within species will prevail thus strengthening own species in the long run through reproduction of the fittest oThese days high intelligence is adaptive because if you are intelligent you will get good education will get a better job more money better mate children etcSociobiologyExtension of evolutionary theory to social behaviorAn attempt to organize the facts about the adaptive significance of social behavior in animals and by extension in human beings oSo not only physical characteristics psychological traits included for survival
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