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1Psy311 Lecture 10February 10 2014Knowledge of the Self and of OthersThe understanding of other people differentiation between the self and others who we are and who other people are etc are very sophisticated processed of development It is a lifelong process so doesnt only take place in children In general we talk about two components that explain how we think about our self and othersCognitive components hypothetical questions about others Social experiences we all are social animals learn through observation How we analyze these experiences depends on our cognitive levelThe SelfHypothetical constructs of the selfSelfAwareness a social structure which arises through social experience Has two aspectsoExistential feeling distinct from all others and possessing continuity over time Awareness that you exist and that you exist for a long time For example selfpermanence which is the understanding that you are permanent The visual recognition of oneself and you recognize yourself in a picture or mirror oCategorical refers to childrens ability to define themselves in objective categories such as age sex size etc part of the selfawareness They not only know that they exist but also know what human categories they are part ofSelfConcept a cognitive aspect of the self the subjective knowledge we have ourselves as psychological and physical beings How would you describe yourself in words Determined by your values interest culture etc For example you might have a selfconcept of being a soccer player etc oIdeal Self What you ideally want and love to beoTrue self objective self If there was a way to measure it objectively this is what you would find It is different from ideal selfoSelfconcept changes with social experiences so your ideal and true self keep changing Selfesteem an individuals feelings of hisher own worthiness and competence What you think about yourself as a whole It is the evaluative aspect of the self system It is very board takes everything into consideration It may be incongruent with our true self Not necessarily static so it changes but it could be static for example repeated early childhood abuse can cause selfesteem to be really low throughout life
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