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Lecture 11

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Simone Walker

1Psy311 Lecture 11February 12 2014Theory of Mind false belief paradigmAre where social development and cognitive development intersect It is seen is a cognitive development aspect because cognitive assessment takes place How children develop ability to think about social situations SallyAnne Test Does the child know what sally knowsCan the child differentiate between what child knows and what somebody else knowsEnables children to explain peoples action observable by suggesting possible reasons unobservable We always make inferences about other peoples behavior When we grow up we start to realize their behavior externally and internallystarts from the age of 35 years Gradually as they move towards age 5 they will get the sallyanne dilemma rightDevelops around 35 years old and becomes increasingly complex with age Human behavior is complex For example at one time you were pushed on purpose and the other time you were pushed because the other person behind you was pushed So complex way of thinkingMay also assist in the explanation of emotions Why is someone angry at us Did we do something wrong Requires selfawareness the capacity of pretence and the ability to distinguish reality from pretence S
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