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Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 12 13February 24 2014Sex Role Development subtopic of knowledge of others because you can relate to other males or females and develop your sex roleDevelopmental TimelineInfancy distinguish faces by sex for example women have long hair and no facial hair and males have short hair and might have beard or moustache2 years label by sexable to identify as an important category used to distinguish between two people3 years sexstereotyping in tor preference Even in egalitarian families where boys and girls are raised the same you still see the sex stereotypes toy preference4 years some rigid stereotypes about occupations They might think teachers policeman fire fighter truck driver nurse so they think about tangible occupations So they think fire fighters are men and teachers and nurses are women etc5 years association of personality traits with sex For example thinking that men are strong and females are gentleKey DefinitionsSex biological dimension of being male or female We are going to pretend that this is dichotomous Gender Sociocultural dimension of being male or female So it depends on your culture how males and females are supposed to behave Gender role set of expectations that prescribe hoe females and males should think act and feel The role is prescribed and implied Sex role and gender role are used interchangeablyGender role stereotypes broad categories that reflect our impressions and beliefs about females and males image of what typical male and female would be like oStereotypes are heuristics and heuristics are shortcuts So you want to make a quick judgment by looking at a person whether they are males or females These judgments are made by these stereotypes For example you see a person with long hair from the back you might think that they are woman which could be true most of the timeHow do children display gender roleToy preferences by age 3 a clear pattern of choices emerges although boys develop this pattern quicker than girls When girls become a tomboy they are praised
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