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Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 14March 3 2014Are there any differences in moms and dads contributions to the development of gender rolesTraditional view if the family is that moms provide nurturing and caregiving and dads provide disciplineThis view is not really true anymoreMoms roles in the home havent changed much but dads roles have Dads are more involved with the kids by acting as playmates with them while also providing discipline Block 1976 suggested that dads would be more important to the sex role development of children than moms This is because dads treat boys and girls differently according to their sexThis notion is based upon Johnsons reciprocal theory 1963 1975 Fathers would make a greater distinction than mom of sex of children Moms also make sex distinction but not as great as dads EvidenceoDads but not moms sex stereotyping is evident from the newborn period even when no behavioral differences are apparent Babies look the same when they are born but dad wont put up with the fact that a boy is treated or dressed like a girl So dad will make a bigger distinction oDads are more likely to show sex specific differences than mothers however the direction is contradictory among a large number of studies In some studies dads provided more emphasis on the daughters and in other studies dads provided more emphasis on the sons oBoth parents are more involved and attached to the same sex than to opposite sex children an effect thats especially pronounced with fathers This is a general tendency and does not happen in every family This effect is more pronounced in dads Dads are morel likely to get a divorce and leave a lousy marriage if he has daughters than if he has sons oParents are more permissive with opposite sex than with same sex children Being too permissive shows not caring oParents are more restrictive and cognitively challenging with same sex children Being restrictive shows care as long as they are not controlling oParents sing to same sex infants using a more playful style and use more baby talk Conclusions
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