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Simone Walker

1Psy311 Lecture 15March 12 2014Parents and SocializingSocializationThe transmission of standards of any given society from one generation to the nextTraditional theoreticalphilosophical approaches as to why and how this takes placeThe child is born complete and needs to be left alone to develop child is activeThe child is born a blank slate and everything needs to be taught child is passiveThe child is born bad and needs to be corrected resulting in constant conflict in the processMutual adaptation between parent and child where both play an active partLegal Implications of Parental Responsibility to Socialize Pagliocca et al 1995Parental responsibility to socialize their children is elusive and ill definedParents responsibilities are rooted in societies interest in the healthy socialization of children as citizens and workersMost parents never come in contact with the law about such issues but socialization failures can become a legal problemWhat are Parental Legal Duties Pagliocca et al 19951SchoolingParents and school system usually agree about valuesHome SchoolingChildren with Disabilities2DisciplineLegal system may get involved if parentsoCannot control their childrens public behavioroCannot control their own behavior in the course of disciplining their children while in public Legal system may get involve when children misbehave even if this does not constitute an actual crimeParents are sometimes the complainants in such casesIn some states courts can hold parents responsible for failing to socialize their children ifo1 Parents fail to comply with a court order to assume particular parental responsibilitieso2 The parent contributes to the delinquency of a minoro3 Legal liability for damages caused by their children
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