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Lecture 16

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Walker

Psy311 Lecture 1617March 17 19 2014ParentingReciprocal influence between parents and children for example a child who is very difficult will cause the parent to provide harsh discipline So the child will determine how the parent will treat him The child is active and his temperament determines how the parent might treat him Origin of parental behavioroUniversal attributes behaviors affects and emptions that are same across all cultures for example providing the kids basic needs love their children try to do things to prepare the kids for life prepare them for independence when they grow upoCulturespecific attributes different parental attributes across cultures for example difference in how harshly and consistently discipline is applied routine and rituals when parents provide clear direction and restriction at certain ages some cultures put no restriction on the child and some do according to the childs age Differences in individualistic and collectivistic culturesoIndividual attributes differences in parenting within the same culture for example different social class parents have their own personality parents interests etcParental belief systems what parents think about parenting is just as important as what they actually do as parents For example some might think that adulthood is tough so we better prepare the child so that they can cope with life Different parents have different beliefs about theseParenting StylesVariation in parental behavior within culture Different types of parenting behaviors based on what happens around you For example difficult in Toronto for teenagers to have cars because its expensive and transit system is goodImportant to remember that childs temperament and context of development will have a strong influence on parenting style Two important dimensions are initially they have to be measurableoPermissivenessrestrictiveness what the child is allowed to do or not do the behaviors are measurableoWarmthhostility warm parent will be passionate towards the child holding the child kissing the child so all this is measurable Combinations of these two dimensions can result in the following parenting styles Schaefer 1959PermissivenessRestrictivenessWarmthDemocratic permissive Overprotective doesnt let the parent that lets a child do kid do anything BUT in a nice
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