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University of Toronto Mississauga
Simone Walker

1Psy311 Lecture 18March 24 2014PeersPeersVertical and horizontal relationships Horizontal flat situations Vertical for example with parents because they are smarter than you etc What about someone that is a bit older than you They are closer to age than you but have more life experience so they are vertical and horizontal at the same timethey are powerful relationships because they are in the same cohort as you and at the same time they have more life experienceOrderly developmental sequences are found in childrens interaction with peers Category systems have been created to describe individual differences in the nature of relationships children have For example chart childrens behavior and look for individual differencesNature of early peer relationships could predict later psychological adjustment Friendships fulfill a number of important functions which change according to age Mutual influences exist between childrens family and peer relationships especially in terms of how parental action affects the nature and amount of contact with peers The parents might be giving deliberate or implicit control to kids about who they kid should be making friend with Graphthe child needs lots of care when they are little and need the parent less and less as they grow older They spend very little time together Childcompanions peak around 78 because when they start going to school they get very excited because they feel they can anything they like together without supervision But as they grow older they spend less time with peers because they start to spend time alone this is because they do not need to be with other peoplethey dont have the constant need to be with other peopleDevelopmental TrendsChildren relationships with peers are determined by
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