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PSY311 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Stuart Kamenetsky

Lecture 1 May 13 2014What is Social Developmenta branch of developmental psychology subfield of developmental psychologychild psychology is an orientation studies changes over time in the childs understanding of attitudes toward and actions with others Hartup 1991Stantley Hall Father of American Psychology studied the small childs activities and feelings control of emotions and will White 192how does the child develop in terms of personality and social developmentincludes affective cognitive and social aspects of development social psychology focuses on how we relate to other and how others influence our behaviours feelings and thoughts studies adults not developmental social development can also be the development of services in other countriesWhy are Children StudiedBecause of an interest in children questions such as what is my child suppose to do at age Xpractical implications first time parents want to know that their child is developing appropriately checking if they reach certain milestones at certain times social attributes theoretical implications basic part of research is to create knowledge even if it is not important at the moment it can turn into something Why is it the cases the children have to listen to language before they can speakBecause of an interest in adults question about the nature and product of development in order to understand why adults behave the way they doWhat if questions about childhoodHistorical Perspective Collins 2002Evolutionary development of the field children were seen as smaller adults and treated the same wayvery different then how it is todayThree periods of social development researchEmergence 1870s 19900s Baby biographies Darwin Hall same questions as today but different methods credited for bringing child into basic scientific research applied understandingMiddle Period 1900s 1960s start to see approaches Maturationalist approach Chart and describe the unfolding of endowed characteristicswe dont play a major role in thembiological Environmentalist Approach Watson Behaviourism experimentally and objectivelydetermine how the child learns Socialization Psychoanalytic and sociological theory how do adults contribute tochild growth and development reinforce and punish
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