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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Constructing First Relationships

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Stuart Kamenetsky

Lecture 3 May 20 2014Constructing First Relationships R Schaffer 1996The emergence of the first relationship is fascinating and may be a prototype for all subsequent relationshipswe infer relationships from interactions but the sum of interactions does not equal a relationshipwe can observe with our senses interactions smile anger tone of voice how people touch one anotherStages of Interactional Developmentthese stages are not discrete keep on gradually developing overtimeBiological regulation 0 monthsDevelopmental task to regularize the infants basic biological processes and to harmonize them with parental requirements sleep eat bathroomwhen they are in the womb they do it whenever they want to they are not told fixed action patterns smiles gradually teaches the child Face to face exchanges 2 monthsDevelopmental Task To regulate mutual attention and responsiveness in face to face situationsex in a high chair to eat if they are sitting up they are able to look around and observedirect eye to eye contact looking at one another first social smiles at
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