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Lecture 1 - Introduction

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 1INTRODUCTIONWhat is Social DevelopmentA branch of developmental psychologyoThe childs on psyche the development of who heshe is as a human being Subfield that studiesoChanges over time in the childs understanding of attitudes toward and actions with others Hartup 1991 oStanley Hall Father of American Psychology studied The small childs activities and feelings control of emotions and will White 1992 Includes affective cognitive and social aspects of development oAffective Compnent emotionsoCognitive the understanding of how the child identifies themself and coming to understand how relationships works in the social worldoPerceptual the child can really develop a relationship with a significant otherSocial psychology focuses on how we related to others and how others influence our behaviours feelings and thoughts Why Are Children Studied Because of an interest in children questions such as what is my child supposed to do at age XoPractical Implications After many years of studies have resulted in average ages where certain developments occur in children this is called milestones Milestones include psychological attributes language motor etc oTheoretical Implications Basic Research is to create and to just have knowledge We may ask questions like Why is the order of language to listen and acquiring of language then speaking then readingwriting or Why are some behaviours so resistant to change Because of an interest in adults questions about the nature and product of developmentin order to understand why adults behave the way they doHistorical Perspective Collins 2002Evolutionary development of the field oChild development used to be literaryoChildren used to be viewed as miniature adults and were treated as adults as there was really no focus on children development on its ownoCharles Darwin really brought the child into the scientific studyThree periods of social development research oEmergence 1870s1900s Baby biographies Darwin HallSame questions as today but different methodsThis is the process of recording child activity over time while trying to make sense of the childs development This period was really credited to bringing the child into the scientific study Today we really dont use this method oMiddle Period 1900s1960sMaturationalist Approach Chart and describe the unfolding of endowed characteristics
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