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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Attachment

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 4May 22 2014AttachmentChilds first relationship is generally referred to as an attachment Relationship is usually very strong and reciprocal Distinction between attachment and attachment behaviouroSchema a mental representation that we may refer to based on observation behaviouroAttachment behaviour concerns the external means of expressing these feelings Distinction between attachment as a biologically based system within an individual and a dyadic relationship between individuals oChild is biologically predisposed to develop an attachment to a significant other as it increases the likelihood of survival So we make a distinction between that and dyadic relationship between two peopleAttachment is characterized bySelectivity focus on specific individuals Seeking of physical proximityProvision of comfort and securityProduction of separation distressBowlbys Theory based on psychological theoryPsychoanalytical Conceptsimportance of satisfaction of childrens drives with an emphasis on physical rather than emotional needsoFrued satisfying the childs drive and needs in order to reduce stress with an influence of physical rather emotionalo Harlow and Zimmerman experiment infant monkeys were reared by to different mothersone made of stiff wired with a bottle and the other was a mother made of cloth without a bottle They tested to see which mother the monkey would go to when scaredand ran towards the cloth motherThe real importance of physical contact between two individuals is very important If you look throughout the lifetime of an individual the baby is first held in the womb then when a newborn heshe is constantly physically touched ie being held rocking hugging Then when adolescent although they dont want this physical relationship with their parents they passcontinues this type of security towards a significant other and later their childEthologyemphasizing the evolution purposes of behaviourthe child is biologically based to develop attachment behaviour in order to ensure survivaloThe child is prewired to behave in such a way that will keep the attachment with the attachment for the purpose of physical protection The mother is also prewired to behave the same way also ensures the survivaloEriksonPsychosocial DevelopmentTrust vs Mistrust arguably a child who develops trust in human beings early on will be better off and the likelihood of survival will be higher Trust may develop during that early age by seeking proximity and the motherfather comes ie baby cries mother goes to comfortoMothers are prewired to demand proximity and infants are prewired to demand proximity by signalling behaviour ie crying smiling babbling and approach behaviour ie clinging crying reaching out to parents
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