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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Knowledge of the Self and Others

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 5May 29 2014KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF AND OTHERSThe SelfThe development of the understanding of the self and the other people is a lifelong developmental process which results from individuals cognitive development oIe Piaget An individual acquires social experiences which allows us to learn a lot about ourselvesoSocial comparisons these observations can be used to arrive at conclusions about yourself and other people Increasingly as children gets older the self reaches higher levels of complexitySelfAwareness A social structure which arises through social experiences Mead LewisoExistential Aspect the feeling of being distinct from other people and possessing continuity over time Selfpermanence the childs understanding that they will always exist ie when the child goes to sleep at night he will wake upVisual recognition of oneself ie recognizing yourself in the mirror or picture oCategorical Aspect refers to childrens ability to define themselves in terms of objective categoriesIe Boy or Girl Age 1 or 2Self Concept Cognitive aspect of the self the subjective knowledge we have of ourselves as psychological and physical beings oThis is determined by an individuals values and belief system which in turn is influenced by cultural factors Ie being good at hockey is not an important part of selfconcept in Africa but may be important in CanadaoHas a lot to do with the categories or domains as we evaluate ourselves subjectively about who we are oIdeal Self what a children wants to be oActual Self the objective selfoSubjective Self what the child thinks about themselvesoIt is not stable as it changes with the development of cognition and social experiences and may or may not be congruent with ones true self SelfEsteem An individuals feelings of hisher own worthiness and competence oThis is a more global evaluation oA person with high self esteem generally feels worthy and competence in areas you care and dont care about ie You dont like the drinking scene and after half a cup youre done thingand this make you feel good about yourself oIt is not necessarily static but can be in certain circumstances people can experience high and low selfesteems during different periods of their lives depending on social experiencesEmotional Self Self evaluation normally results in the production of affect oWhen you find out your true self is not as good as selfesteem emotions are producedStages in the Development of SelfAwareness in the First Two YearsAge monthsBehavioural Indications03Interest in social objects but no selfother distinction38First signs of selfrecognition based on contingency clues but still tentative
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