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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Parenting and Socialization

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 8June 10 2014Parenting and SocializationSocializationThe transmission of standards of any given society from one generation to the next oCognitive Component Who to think and what to thinkoSocial component How to behave in social situationsoEmotional component Degree to which one should express emotions in publicoCultural component May include religious ceremonies media and its affect Traditional theoreticalphilosophical approaches as to why and how this takes place1The child is born complete and needs to be left alone to developchild is activeChild is born with what he or she needs just leave the child alone and let natural course of development take placebelieve that child is active in producing his or her own environment If genetic makeup to be leader then child will actively pursue hat niche therefore develop that skillDifferent cohorts persecribes to different extents2The child is born a blank slate and everything needs to be taught child is passiveThe implications are clear that everything needs to be taught schooling parenting activities This does not provide enough credits for biological components If parents dont accept that the biological makeup are responsible for certain conditions we get difficult relationships between a parent and child3The child is born bad and needs to be corrected resulting in constant conflict in the process Disc
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