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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Parenting

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 9June 12 2014PARENTING ParentingReciprocal influence between parents and childrenoWe do not have the experimental research to see how important parenting is We cannot really assign children to different parenting styles so it is very difficult to study in terms of whether parental influence makes a big difference oIt is difficult to assess as children are active as they pick their own niches and environments oWe also have other influences like peersOriginal of Parental behaviouroUniversal attributesAll parents want the same things for their childrenwhere children of all cultures have similar needs in terms of needs as feeding We all have similar attributes and behaviour are similar so attributes or parental behaviour will be similaroCulturespecific attributesIn terms of how controlling liberal or democratic parents treat their children oIndividual attributesBased upon our own experiences of being parented ourselveswe take examples from the way our parents treated us Parental personality characteristics will affect parental behaviour If youre active and outgoing you will be so with children and include them in such activities Parental belief systems what parents think about parenting is just as important as what they actually do as parents oThe three attributes determine what we are going to be like as parents as they are not mutually exclusive from each otherPARENTING STYLESVariation in parental behaviour within culture Important to remember that childs temperament and context of development will have a strong influence on parenting style Two important dimensions are1Permissiveness vs RestrictivenessPermissiveness parents let their children do what they want and restrictieness dont let their children do alot2Warmth vs HostilityWarm parents are comforting whereas hostile parents are demanding and aggressive to their childrenCombinations of these two dimensions can result in the following parenting styles 1959PermissivenessRestrictivenessWarmthDemocraticOverprotectiveHostilityNeglecting AuthoritarianDemocratic Demographic parents are warm and permissive where they show lots of love affection and care to let the children what they want permissive Mom and
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