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Lecture 11

LECTURE 11 - Social Experience and its Aftermath

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 11June 19 2014SOCIAL EXPERIENCE AND ITS AFTERMATHHow Significant and Important is ChildhoodWhat role do childhood events play in determining adult personalityoCan we do a narrative of individual and see how various events in their life really impact himheroSometimes we do an analysis of children growing up in a toxic environment yet they are very successful So we want to seeunderstand key events that play this roleDo early experiences leave irreversible effectsoStudies of children who have been abused early on in childhood we can question whether they are doomed Is there continuity from childhood to adulthood and if sowhat are the features of this continuity oIf a child is shy do they stay shy throughout their life Can this change What does it take for people to be able to fight successfully against their biological predispositions oBoth positive and negative events early in life will leave irreversible effects with a strong emphasis on negative effects ie abuseoResearch shows that interventions early on will provide successful consequences later on in their lifeTheoretical Answers FreudNeuroses psychological difficulty lack of adjustment are only acquired during early childhood even thought symptoms may not appear until much later oNeuroses are not severe like psychosis but they are mental disturbances People who are neurotic worry excessively ie leaving the home and worrying if you left the stove on or notoNeuroses are acquired during early childhood experiencesThe child is psychologically father to the man oIf youre a childs parent you are a precursor to the child since you came first and the child is the offspring But Freud has turned this idea around and said that within the same individual there will be that type n continuity within the child and adult when he grows up oIn other words what happens in childhood is very important within the individual There is a straightforward direct continuity between childhood and adulthoodoEx Freud would talk about if psychological difficulty takes place during oral development the child will be fixated in that stage ie their mouth and may result into behaviours like smoking sucking ones thumb something related to the fixationoThere is direct continuity and Freud argues that this is behavioural One can work backwards to reconstruct childhood experiences or forward to predict future adult psychopathy oIf we can figure out what happened in that stage and resolve the difficulty the child went through during that stage we can help resolve the smoking oIf there is something happening during the oral period dad is not around and mom is not available the child would suck his or her thumb since no one is resolving this proximity
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