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Lecture 4

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Christine Burton

Lecture 4-PSY312 May 16, 2012 C: DU F NE X?-do you have any eggs? W: ES V FX-yes have eggs C: NEM? –any ham? W: ES V FM 2-yes have ham too C: DUFT?-do you have tea? W: ES T 2-yes tea 2 C: OK10, LFMNXNT-okay 10, I’ll have eggs and ham and tea Zone of proximal development-this might be a little too hard for you too understand -what teacher doing as expert is giving you the push, need some clues -in infants they are ready to learn a new task just don’t have the skills yet so through modeling and conditioning you can give them the skills to take on the new tasks to learn that new information Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s-Video -4 major theories of cognitive development: Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory, Piaget’s Cognitive Observational Learning, Observational Learning, Operant Conditioning Piaget said the child’s mind as a result of the environment Vygotsky-environment changed the development of the child’s mind -development of the child was the result of their interaction-specifically socioculture interaction -operant conditioning-learning by consequence -Piaget-development was sequential in stages –switch going on-where between 8- 10 months a task is acquired -first psychological obstacle to be overcome in infancy is object perminance -Vygotsky-infants don’t have internal speech, one of the key concepts was the interaction with people and the development of language and he could not acquire language without that social interaction, something passed on to you from other people -Vygotsky-self-talk differs from culture to culture
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