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Christine Burton

PSY312-SUMMER May 7, 2012 LECTURE 1 Assignments-approach the answer from a number of different ways -all neurons you’ll ever need are produced before birth -neurons and glial cells make up nervous system -all neurons you’re going to use come from second trimester (sensitive period for fetal development) -technical term for sense of touch-somatasensory -somatasensory-pressure, pain, vibration, heat  4 General Principles of Development 1. Direction-development proceeds from head to tail , development is also proceeding from axis to periphery 2. Progression- can proceed in two different ways: from general to specific ex: pain example, can also proceed in an asynchronise way ex: puberty 3. Personal & Social- it is development from undifferentiated (can’t tell the difference) and dependent (infants are dependent physically, socially and cognitively on their caregivers) 4. Maturation & Readiness- that qualitative physiological size or growth must occur and brain change must occur in order for a child to take on cognitive tasks such as learning to talk or walk and trying to teach a child these cognitive tasks before maturation has occurred is useless Peripheral nervous system-part of the body that senses incoming sensory information -brings information in from the outside world -5 sensory systems-touch, visual, hearing, smell, taste Forebrain -Cerebral Cortex-top part-conscious thinking part of the brain -Four distinct lobes-frontal, parietal temporal, occipital -grooves-sucli mounds-gyrus -Underneath the cortex is called subcortical -Th
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