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Lecture 6

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Hywel Morgan

February 24 2014Lecture 6 Language DevelopmentNoam Chomsky suggested that we have language acquisition device hard wired in the brain to acquire languageevolved the ability to acquire a language communicate abstractly between one another we can communicate with other species in words sign languagespeaking out loud is uniquely humanPhonological soundchildren can find it hard to understand that letters and sounds differ sounds are phonemes In English we have sounds and lettersbasic component this is how children learn to readdifferent phonemes for each letter theories of phonology are thought to involve pattern recognition part of schema becomes automatic becomes automatic with exposure over time pattern recognition comes from long term memory Semantic meaningtaking sounds and putting them together and creating words abstract representationcomplicatedrelies on contextchildren figure this out pretty quickly Syntactic grammardifferent among languagesthe order in which language is presented children pick this up quite quickly sentences grammarPragmatic context communication rules for combining these words acquire language very quickly within the first couple of months of life learning the phonological components of language learning sound in utero How do we know how to speakhardwiredhas to be acquired through experience areas of the brain that develop to acquire language both comprehend Wernicke and produce Broca area doesnt require instruction it requires exposure
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