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Lecture 7

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Hywel Morgan

Lecture 7 Memory Development Craik and LockhartElaboration mode the more we elaborate a thought the more we are able to remember itemotion attached to an event we are more likely to remember itwe are more likely to remember that event when the emotion is evoked againMemory Processesencoding transforming info into a form that can be entered and retained in the memory systemstorage retaining info in memory so that it can be used at a later timeretrieval recovering info stored in memory so that we are consciously aware of itCapacity of sensory memory is limitless 5 senses is always being registeredduration of sensory memory half a second Working memory capacity around 7 chunks of information Long term capacity is unlimited duration unlimited all 3 of these modules of memory are not well developed in infancylong term memory not existent blank slate sensory memory not well developed but develops very quickly in weeks working memory not intact until formal operational stageThree Stages of Memorythree memory stores that differ in function capacity and durationused IPT to develop artificial intelligence computers Google elaborates IPT used to describe memory do this automatically happens quite early on in development effortly concentrating on what hes sayingAutomatic vs Effortful EncodingAutomatic Processingunconscious encoding of infoexamples what did you eat for lunch todaywas the last time you studied during the day or nightyou know the meanings of thee very words you are reading Are you actively trying to process the definition of the wordshabituationassociative learning
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