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Lecture 8

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Hywel Morgan

March 10 2014Lecture 8 Social Development more detailedmoral development textbook does not go into detail about thissocial and moral development go together two aspects of social development understanding your position in the world self and another aspect understanding yourself in regards to other people involves moral developmentsome children do not form a social development disorder known as reactive attachment disorder no social development do not attach to other peoplecritical period for this disorder if not resolved leads to adulthood as antisocial personality disorder do bad things because they dont develop a sense of how others feel they know how they feel but they dont care develop swallow sense of sympathy but no empathy Vygotsky me in relation to other people sense of self in regards to environment and relationship to other people children understand perspective and very quickly understand other people5 or 6 when kids understand other peoples feelingsPiaget was the first to do research on thisComplete empathy for other people highest level Maslows Hierarchy of Needs not many of us have this Birth 2 MonthsCognitiveInfants habituate to the familiar attending less and less to repeated stimuli and increasing their attention when the stimulus changes hard wired to be more interested in human faces than inanimate objects infants can differentiate among patterns colours and consonantsmore interesting recognize facial expressionsstare at changing facial expressions more interested in social interactions right from birth they look at changing objects but look at changing facial expressions more Emotionaldependent on the environment to meet his or her needs dependent on someone else giving them what they needif they dont get this they will develop a disorderdependent on social interaction not just in humans also in other species as well most species need attachment in infancy someone of same speciespreferably at birth attachment is necessary
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