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Lecture 10

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Hywel Morgan

March 24 2014Lecture 10 Adolescence Development 1319 teenager is that the same as adolescence No start of the teens years are a biological changepuberty hormones better nutrition occurs earlier than it use to 100 years ago Can occur as young as 1011marker for the onset of adolescencechangechildhood to adulthoodbiological and social changes and cognitive changesConceptions of AdolescenceBiological Perspectivepuberty physiological and hormonal changes that are occurring brain nerveschemical changesstorm and stressFreud genital stagebrain is notfully developed yet until 23Social Perspectivesocial and cultural influenceswhen you are a child you see your parents as perfect but as you get older you do not deidolize your parents they do not see the world the same way you do forms the cognitive perspectives teens have of the world Balanced Point of Viewboth biological and social influences Parent Child Relationships During adolescenceRise in Conflictadaptive behaviourpsychological distancingdifferent views of teen readiness for responsibilityMost conflict is mildalso affection support main source of information is not parents anymore its peers psychological distancing is occurringsocial shift parent practical ideologyclashes with adolescent ideology
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