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PSY312 May 28

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Hywel Morgan

May 28, 2012 -nervous system transducing incoming energy and turning it into messages between neurons -eyes detect light energy -ears detecting the movement of air and movement of molecules  not specific as to which molecules are moving -10lbs of molecules per square inch pushing on you in atmosphere -somatosensory – touch -several types of receptors that are transducing several types of incoming information to neural impulses -pressure, temperature, pain and vibration receptors -300 ms for your brain to realize that someone has poked you – relatively slow -refex controlled in spinal cord – faster than messages going to brain – pain messages go to spinal cord -heat is energy - temperature – based on the amount of heat -olfactory and gustatory senses detecting chemicals – specific molecules -suspect that sense of smell developed first and is the most primitive because all the other senses we know go through the thalamus and processed through cortex – smells go through nose to temporal lobes -animals need to be able to detect which chemicals in environment are harmful or helpful -sweet = sugar/glucose which is needed for metabolism – evolved a positive reaction towards sugar because it keeps us alive -salt = receptors in mouth specifically to detect salt – sodium chloride = need it for communication between neurons in brain is electrochemical – evolved a positive reaction towards salt -K and Ca are also important -fat = body can store it and use it later – evolved so that you should ingest them when you come across fats since they weren’t always available -unfortunately fat is too readily available -sour/bitter = typically these foods are indicative of poison Vision -humans perceive colour, contrast and motion -contrast detected through bright and dark -colour is different wavelengths -brightness = amplitude (how high wave is) - wavelengths:1 – 1000 m  energy in this band is called radio band 0.1 – 1 m  radar
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