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PSY312 lecture notes for June 13

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Hywel Morgan

June 13, 2012 -schemas fill in the gaps and make thinking more efficient…however they can lead to errors -the main component of a schema is to guide the drawing of an inference -stereotypes are a product of a schema -schemas are learned from toddlerhood -techniques used by advertising companies that capitalize on our schemas: -hedging – uses words that seriously weaken the force of a claim/fact therefore it isn’t deceptive (illegal) but rather it is misconceptive (legal) -ex: crest toothpaste fights cavities  fight could end in a win or a lose  our schema leaves out the losing part of the schema -ex: palm olive leaves dishes virtually spotless -eliptical comparative – uses ad campaigns that uses no basis for comparison -ex: less fat  less fat than what? -ex: even more  more than what? -implied causation – two things stated together implying causation -ex: get a great tan this summer, use coopertone  implying if you use coopertone then you will get a great tan -pseudoscientific claim – “like science” claim -ex: 7 out of 10 dentists recommend dentyne  just a percentage but you also need a number -ex: 40% more cleaning power than the popular brand  what’s the popular brand? What is cleaning power? -implied negative – the negative situation is implied (not stated outright) -ex: coca cola has no cancer c
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