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Lectures 1 and 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Giampaolo Moraglia

PSY213: CHAPTER ONE BASIC CONCEPTS 17:50 Adult Development and Aging: Basic concepts What is the nature of adult development? Loss More beguine On the meaning of aging: Primary aging: normal, disease-free, age related changing which occur throughout adulthood Secondary aging: changes related to disease, lifestyle, and environmental factors that are not intrinsically part of aging per se. Tertiary aging: rapidly occurring decline that occurs shortly before death The seven stages of life by Shakespeare Arbitrary and part of convention. Patricians vary from one society to another Currently in the west, lifespan is subdivided into a number of periods Infancy Childhood Adulthood Young (20-40) Middle (40-65) Late (65 +) markers of distinct periods of maturity (none can be satisfactory by itself) biological (sexual maturity) (loss of reproductive ability) psychological (attaining a stable and well adjusted personality) (subjective sense of decline) sociological (adoption of adult roles such as parenting) (becoming a grandparent, loss of parents) maturity and old age come to different people at different times Great surge of interest into issues related to adulthood and aging importantly related with demographics Squaring of population Pyramid Instead of many young and few old it is now similarly represented of various age groups Due to better standard of living for the aging and the decline in birth rates Key demographic terms: Birth rate: number of live births for every 1000 people within a specific period Fertility rate: the average number of children born to mothers 15-49 years old within a specific period
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