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Giampaolo Moraglia

PSY213 Lecture 1 - Jan 10, 2013 - tests are 80-90 min. long; essay Q's 60-70%, multiple choice 30-40% -aging is not a disease - much of hearing loss is not to do with aging per se but more to do with the accumulation of noise from the environment that we are exposed to - psychological maturity abt mental and emotional capabilities - sociological sense of maturity involves taking on more adult-like roles (e.g. becoming more self sufficient) - biological maturity usually happens b/w ages 18-21 - there is no real criteria set to justify the 18-21 age range on social of psychological/biological maturity - chronological age not a reliable guide to either maturity or old age - Squaring Pop. Pyramid - b/c increased longevity and a decreased birth rate - fertility rate to replace population = 2.1 b/c need 2 kids to replace parents and extra .1 of child to compensate for women w/o kids and kids who don't live to adulthood - many women having few kids in the 80s compensated for low fertility rate and contributed to a healthy population growth rate - demographers believe (thru extrapolation) that for a country and even individuals to be successful there needs to be a ready pool of young people but not so many that there is a high un-employment rate - DAVID FOOT; "Bust, Boom, and Echo" - smaller cohorts = better success in life b/c small class sizes > attn from teacher, less competition in workforce, etc - baby boomers make up 1/3 of Canada's population - Canada had largest baby boom in the industrialized world - Baby boom
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