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Giampaolo Moraglia

PSY213 Lecture 2 - Jan 17, 2013  Methodological Issues in adult development research  theory - set of statements to explain limited data  "meta" = "beyond, above"  metatheory - provides whole way of conceptualizing world  o determines what data are to be collected o influence stands beyond boundaries of just one discipline (multidisciplinary)  Mechanistic  o 1st half of 20th century o behaviouristic outlook o machine-like experience of enviro. stimuli  Watson (1913 - artiale)  Organismic - development internal vs. behaviourism  o HALL (early theories) o GESELL (more contemporary theories) o PIAGET (motorcognitive theories)  Contextual (also "dialectical metatheory")  o interaction b/w individual biological and various components of enviro o combines mechanistic and organismic view  Disciplines differ on level of analysis  o Life sci - genetics o psychology - psych. functions o sociology - social interactions/roles o anthro + history -  Reliability - consistency of findings over time  o test-retest: test not reliable if two diff. scores  Validity - whether we succeeded in studying what we set out to study  o construct: test measures what its supposed to o predictive - how well performance on test predicts performance in real life o internal: issue in exp./lab studies
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