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Lecture 5

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Giampaolo Moraglia

PSY213 Lecture 5 - Feb 14, 2013 1. Intelligence and Aging  validity of tests used to measure intlligence is questioned  o issue of construct validity: fail to measure what they are supposed to measure  WAIS is a psychometric intelligence test, standardized procedure  o made first appearance in 1955 (New York City) o newest version called WAIS-IV (intro in 2008) o  somewhat different from previous ones  most extensively used test for general intellectual assessment 2. The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (versions prior to 2008 version)  2 parts: verbal scale and performance scale  o each divided into sub-tests o items in each subtests range from easy to increasingly difficult to very difficult o verbal tests meant to measure of our store of world knowledge and our ability to apply it o performance subtests are oriented towards doing things e.g. puzzles, manipulate blocks o  object to measure on the spot analytical skills and problem solving 3.  time limit for these tasks 4. IQ equivalents of raw scores at different ages WAIS Performance scale - Original 1955 data  IQ received from WAIS not only derived by adding up scores on each subtest, it is also derived by how well a person has scored relative to their age group  the first time the test was standardized average score was compared for each age group  o average score is given IQ of 100 o  e.g. average score on WAIS of 40 translates to IQ of 100  IQ score not based on absolute WAIS score 5. The 'classic' aging pattern as measured by the WAIS  graph: age on x-axis goes upto 79, top line gives verbal scor
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