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Giampaolo Moraglia

- The nature of work has changed alot in the past 100 years- - Work during the pre-industrial society (past) consisted mostly of farming, where a family worked together as a unit- the son learns from the father about how to be a blacksmith - When we entered the industrial agerevolution: which began in england, there was a dramatic growth in manufacturing- there was alot of factory based work- very labour intensive - This led to increasing productivity, but decreasing assembly from workers because the development of technology - 70% of jobs were related to service delivery - The future consists of less agriculture, manufacturing goods - Service: different activities such as domestic wife at home, transportationdistribution of goods Today, educational level and health influence ones choice of career -industrial psychology: deals with issues regarding career choice- examines how a career is chosen - Research says that out of the people in todays time, 50% will experience a career change- job mobility is becoming an increasing trend How do career changes occur: - Change is forced- ex. Labour moves to a cheaper place - structural change occurs in economy: decline in farming and fishing industries - Emergence of new economic activity: technology, therefore calls for more skilled forms of labour - A skill may no longer be suitable to ones abilitys, desires, lifestyle anymore ex. The life of an athlete- has a short career span there is more career mobility now. Why? - People are spending more time in the labour market because they are living longer. Ex. Iin the past, people use to work for 21 years, now it has increased to 37 years- therefore, spending a longer period in the work force can create changes in a career
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