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PSY320 - memory notes

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Human Memory Memory is assumed to consist of three stores: Sensory registers Short-term memory (STM) Long-term memory (LTM) The Human Memory System Sensory Registers “icon” (visual register) Lasts about ¼ of a second “echo” (auditory register) Auditory, including both speech and non-speech sounds Lasts several seconds Attention – Process of selectively looking, listening, smelling, and feeling. Attention Span -is the amount of time a person can concentrate on a single activity. The ability to focus one's mental or other efforts on an object or activity. Cocktail Party Phenomenon Short-term memory (STM) Consciousness “Working memory”. Storage capacity of STM is limited STM can hold 5 to 10 bits of information at a time. Chunking – Grouping and organizing information to form meaningful units. Two-second limit Capacity of (STM) is constant across cultures STM is of limited duration Without rehearsal, information in STM fades after 15- 20 seconds. Encoding – Strings, letters, and numbers are stored p
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