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Simone Walker

1Psy321Lecture 2 January 17 2014CrossCultural Research MethodsSimone Walker PhDJanuary 17 2014Lecture OutlineUnique challenge of conducting crosscultural researchConsiderations in crosscultural researchBias and equivalenceCrosscultural research methodsSurveysExperimentsOther MethodsExample of the challenge of crosscultural researchDoctor Patricia greenfield and zinacantencans of MexicoInterviewed zinacantencans using surveys validated using Western samplesEach question is independent not part of a conversationGood practice to ask several questions about the same constructing slightly different waysReduces random and systematic measurement errorIncreases validityZinantencans expected interviews would follow their conversational normsInterviews technique just made zinantencans annoyedUnique Challenge of CrossCultural ResearchCrosscultural psychology cuts across all subfields of psychologyOften uses the methods used in that subfieldEx Survey method when studying culture and personalityInherits the problems associated with that methodEx Question wording question order response biasesDifferent interpretations of the questionsAsk controversial question at the end of the survey because they can impact the rest of the surveyNew problems arise when using these methods to study people from different culturesEx Understanding how surveys work and how to respondWhat Type of CrossCulture ResearchCrosscultural validation Examines whether a measure of a psychological construct that was originally generated in a single culture is applicable meaningful and psychometrically equivalent in another cultureShould be conducted before crosscultural comparisonsEx Doctor greenfield should have conducted this first to check whether the method she used was valid in the zinacantencan culture
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