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Simone Walker

1Psy321Lecture 10April 4 2014Culture PhysicalMental HealthLecture OutlineCulture physical variationhealthCulturehealthCulture obesity height dieteating disordersThe Immigrant ParadoxCulturemental healthCulturebound syndromesUniversal syndromesCulturemental health TreatmentDefinitions of HealthWorld Health OrganizationHealth A state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity We think of biological factors when we think of physical health we usually dont think of culture Fundamental right Right to health is universal and fundamental rightDefinitions of Health Across CulturesNorth AmericaBiomedical modelDisease as resulting from a specific identifiable cause eg pathogen a genetic or developmental abnormality or physical insult Physical health Root is biological and thus treatment focuses on biological aspects Biopsychosocial modelAppreciates Biological dimension but in order to understand the health of individual need to take into account psychological and social factorsThis approach now predominatesHowever this view is not shared across culturesPsychological dimensionEx Beliefs attitudes emotionsSocial dimensionEx Lifestyles activities quality of relationships conditions such as povertyViews from other cultures also suggest definitions include more than biologyEx Traditional Chinese medicineYin and yang as negative and positive energiesGood healthbalance and involves body mind spirit and the natural environment So balance between yin and yang Balance upset by many factorsHolistic view of health2Ex Liver firetoo much yang not enough yin Characterized by intense headachesEx Latin AmericaBalance between hot and cold For example if a disease is thought to be caused by something too hot then it will be treated by something coldViews from other cultures also suggest definitions include more than biologyEx Supernatural causesEx Aggressive spirits accounts of witchcraft sorcery mystical retribution sinful violation of taboosEx Azande of West Africa They believe that there is small organ inherited from parents which is a source of witchcraft and some individuals practice witchcraft because of the organ Slow progressive vs acute illnessViews among Western cultures also varyEx The FrenchterrainEx The shift away from antibiotics to various tonics and vitamins to strengthen immune system 9this is changingLonger hospital stays about double compared to USEx Traditional attitudes regarding dirt and germsth17 century medical opinion today soap consumption Louis XIV Napoleon in a letter to JosephineUnited states have one of the most aggressive treatments for bad health More likely to usesurgeries The body is seen as a machine and the default state of the body is in good healthThe West is becoming aware that factors associated with lifestyle and environment have a significant impact on human physical and mental health In pluralistic cultures incorporation of concepts of health held by minorities into mainstream societyEx Acupuncture homeopathy yoga herbal medicines spiritual healingWorldwide Indicators of Health three indicators of healthLife expectancyDrastic differences across countries in life expectanciesEx Monaco 90 years Canada 81 years Angola 38 yearsReflect differences in wealth and resources The most affluent countries in which the individuals have access to medical and social services have the highest life expectancy Countries in which the individuals dont have the basic needs for survival life expectancy tends to be lowerDifferences within countriesEx European Americans 783 African Americans 732 within the same country Ethnicity usually confounded with SES One reason why African American might have a lower life expectancy may be because of difference in culture and also that they have lower level of SES and SES is related to and does influence physical health Infant mortality
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