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Lecture 18

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Ulrich Schimmack

Lecture 18 Which statement about work and well-being is CORRECT? A. Job satisfaction is a weak predictor of life-satisfaction. B. Performance feedback IS a positive predictor of job satisfaction. C. Job prestige is NOT a positive predictor of job satisfaction. D. Job prestige is NOT a positive predictor of life-satisfaction. E. Job satisfaction does NOT change even when people switch jobs. Answer: B -You can make yourself happier just by thinking about good things. Like good thigns to look forward to, good things now, or good things from your pst. Even listening to happy music makes u feel better -Problems with these conclusions that its SELECTED studies. Its not all studies -effect size should be indepndent of sample size -“MAGIC.”. Its biased. Sometimes interventions don’t work for everyone. A lot of fudging. -Basicly ignore the results here -Can build self-esteem by noticing and focusing on what your successes are But when you fail you bl
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