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Lecture 9

PSY328H5 Lecture 9: Lecture 9

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Will Huggon

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Lecture 9 Risk Assessment Risk Assessment the process of identifying and studying hazards to reduce the probability of their occurrence how do we define violence? physical only? punch? what if you miss, is that still violence? yes = intention physical damage vs. psychological damage secretly videotaping, stalking, threatening feel unsafe, anxious how victim responds!!! if bobby grabbed an understanding woman, nothing would have happened actual harm vs. intent CASE man studied crime shot wife 3x head 1x chest she lived = paralyzed = 5yrs jail if dead = life intention (murder) was not as important as what happened in the end instrumental violence committed to meet another goal means to an ends shoot to cover up a crime, collect insurance etc. reactive violence lose temper and lash out most common cause for violent crime who is more dangerous? guy grabs kitchen knife stabs wife 30x or assassin who sneaks in and shoots once leaves even though he does it nicely, hit man will do it again = more dangerous while husband wont do it again sexual vs. nonsexual some sexual assaults have little to do with sex, put with power and humiliation while other crimes, such as arson, look like they have nothing to do with sex but can be very sexual sexual doesnt predict violence as well as nonsexual identify persons likely to commit violence and develop interventions to reduce risk predicting future behaviour is difficult best indicator is past behaviour even that isnt good fundamental attribution error only 10 of crime is violent crime 3 of VC is homicide, 10 rape actual violent crime may be 9x higher than reported to predict is to make a statement about the likelihood of a future event of behaviour risk refers to a condition that exists as a function of the presence of someonesomething perceived as dangerous Dangerousness case by case look at the person, what they did would they do it again vague what will they do? what exactly does dangerous mean stable trait fundamental bias dangerousness is considered trait predicts violence likely to be violent again and thats it Purpose of Risk Assessment why measure risk? Risk Assessment empirical data get tons of info from many sources see sim diff specific whats the context where theyre likely to commit a crime changes over
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