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Lecture 4

PSY328H5 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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Will Huggon

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Lecture 4 Criminal Behaviour Profiling Profiling Embezzlement = mostly female, uneducated, 26y avg, white, high school education, min. wage job, married, family problems Murderers majority come from good homes, 13rd are highly intelligent, usually done by someone victim knows Arson young, white, male, loners motivations = vandalism, fun, gang initiation, build rep., (sexual) excitement, revenge, for profit (insurance), hero behaviour reflects personality! actions before, during, after crime did you bring weapon or W of opportunity? D= shootingstabbing? A flee? clean up? Behavioural Fingerprint look at what the offender chose to do and what he chose not to do leaving particular information about what their needs are, why they did this Signature particular type of behaviour action ritual done to serve a psychological purpose, not to commit the crime Geographical Profiling based on psych theories (animal behaviour) they hunt in the territory around den not directly near it Behavioural Economics we do things closer to what we know meticulous in killing = meticulous in work, clothing, rest of life Profilers provide investigators with...... of the unknown offender personality composite this is the kind of person that does this kind of behaviour occupation, history, education etc behavioral tendencies what this person would be likely to do or not demographic features alone? live nearby? traveler? of the unknown offender crime and threat analysis investigative assistance help law enforcement agencies all over the country to help on cases strategies for interviews and prosecution expert testimony History of Profiling George Metesky (The Mad Bomber) 1957 set bombs in public NYC places no one died but many were injured, lots of property damage wrote angry notes to media case workers consulted psychiatrist Dr. James Brussel gave him all the informationevidence they had they had no suspects predicted he was single, overweight, middle age, male, Connecticut, living w F relative, immigrant, roman catholic CORRECT only caught because they posted the letters and Georges employer noticed a similarity in writing terms used Howard Tete 1962 worked for the FBI, took courses in AP suggested use info from psychologypsychiatry to understand criminal behaviour Behavioural Science Unit 1972 created in Quantico, Virginia now called investigative support unit John Douglas and Robert Ressler thought we can learn about serial killer ways by talking to caught ones in long interviews about their every detail motivation build a database of all serial killers apprehended and use it to add to applied psychology (AP) being learned National Centre for the
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