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The Brain & other Stuff

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Terry Borsook

The Brain & other Stuff Oct 25, 2012 - Hormones (slow) vs. electrical signals (fast). - Autonomic nervous system: stress, via this system the brain gets ready and reacts to threats. - More psychologically focused, pupils dilated, glucose is released into bloodstream. - Parasympathetic: recovery after the stress has passed  The body’s ability to move back and forth from sympathetic and parasympathetic activation is a very good indicator/predictor of later disease. - Brodmann’s areas: cellular structure stained to identify regions of the brain. - Amygdala: emotional salience. - Thalamus: every signal passes through the thalamus (decides if the signal is important and where it should go). Stress Oct 25, 2012 - Homeostasis: ex. body’s temperature has to be at a set point of 37°. - Allostasis: configurations of the body change due to context (body adjusts to the stress). - ‘control the stress response properly’ – just like pain  Ability to regulate  Compromisers are predictors of disease - Peripheral blood flow constricted: ex. hands get cold when nervous. - Stresses that are unpredictable, uncontrollable tend to be perceived as high stressful (people who have jobs that present unpredictable problems tend to feel more stressful then people’s whose jobs are predictable). - The more fi
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