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Lecture 2

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Gordon Anderson

Lecture 2: Bio mechanisms of Health and Disease Bio Mechanisms - getting a medical intervention also requires changing the behaviour that caused the stress o otherwise it will happen again - Epigenetics o Can change the way your genes express o Some genes express momentarily, some genes express over longer periods of time  Lonely people’s gene expression is causing pro-inflammatory cytokines and down-regulates anti-inflammatory cytokines • Changing their bodies Prevention - don’t fight o can suppress the immune system if you fight - writing o making meaning out of the event in your mind o working out what went wrong/why it happened/etc. o helps you get rid of the stress responses o if you repeat it causes changes in your body – becoming automatic  don’t have to spend time while you are trying to do everything else - confront your fears o so much of the stress we experience is due to anticipation Summary - when you are stressed, the calories/fat from food go to your centro-adipose tissue o most harmful weight o central-adipose tissue excretes its’ own stress hormones  going to make you feel more stressed Field Notes Assignment: - brainstorm about which behaviour you want to change, barriers that will stop you, why you are motivated, etc. How stress gets ‘under our skin’ - high school seniors, stress levels – emotional health is going down (women going down faster), stress levels going up The Stress Response System: - Components of the Central Nervous system (test) o Autonomic nervous system – automatically  A lot of stress response originates from autonomic nervous system  That’s why it’s so hard to change/control • Sympathetic – fight or flight • Parasympathetic – rest or digest -
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