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Laura Simich

PSY333 lecture 5 Flip side health compromising behaviours Health compromising behaviours practiced by people thatundermine or harm their current or future well beingabusing alchoholsmokingdrug useillicit drug useunsafe sexrisktaking behaviour Substance dependence A whole variety of drug abuses abuse vs dependencerst phase of rehab Dependent on a substance if repeatedly self administer itis detoxicationto avoidthe potentially severe resulting in tolerance withdrawal compulsive behaviourside effects of terminating alcohol abuse Physical dependence state that occurs when body adjustsnaltrexone is used to to substance and incorporates the use of it into normaltreat alcoholims it worksby blocking opioid function of bodys tissuesreceptors Often involves tolerance body increasingly adapts touse of substance requiring increased doses to achievesame effectCraving strong desire to engage in a behaviour orconsume a substance Addiction occurs when a person becomes physically orpsychologically dependen on a substance following useover time Withdrawal unpleasant symptoms experienced when stoptaking substance on which one has become dependentanxiety irritability intense cravings nauseaheadaches shaking hallucinations Substance abuseCost to Canadians 2002 398 billion health care resources law enforcementloss of productivity at workhomesmoking acconted for 43alcohol 37illicit 20Harm Reduction intervention strategyPublic health response to substance abuse problemapproach that focuses on the risks and consequencesof substance use rather than the use itselfEx methadone clinics needle exchange programs A maladaptive pattern of substance use that leads toclinically significant impairment or distress manifested byone or more of the following occurring in a 12 monthperiodRecurrent substance use resulting in a failure to fulfill1major role obligations at work school homeAbsent at work or perform poorly at workbSubstance related absences suspensions orcexpulsions from schoolNeglect of children or householddRecurrent substance use in situations in which it is2physically hazardousDriving a car or machine while impairedaRecurrent substancerelated legal problems3Arrests for substance related disorderly conductaContinued substance use despite recurrent social or4interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by theeffects of the substanceEg arguments with spouse about consequencesaof intoxicationPhysical fightsbSubstance dependencesame as abuse but require the following 3 symptomswithin 12 monthsTolerance A need for markedly increased amounts1of the substance to achieve intoxication or desiredeffectMarkedly diminished effect with continued useb
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