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Chapter 6

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Janet Polivy

Chapter 6 Gestalts the process of forming wholes Organismic needswe bring closure to the most pressing need of the moment followed by the emergence of another endgoal into awareness Endgoals daily goals are based on our biological needs which are limited to hunger sex survival shelter and breathing Impasse the child can no longer rely on the safe secure environmental supportnor can the child rely on selfsupport Perlsblue babywho has had the placenta severed and cannot rely on oxygen from the mother but is not yet prepared to breathe on its own Catastrophic expectations if I take the risk on my own I wont be loved anymore or my parents wont approve of meFrustrationmany parents afraid to frustrate their childrenmotivated to rely on our own resources to overcome what s frustrating usfor Perls there are five different layer or levels of psychopathology1 phonylevel of existence in which we play games and enact roles we behave as if we are big shots as if we are ignorant our asif attitudes require that we live up to a conceptcreate our phony charactersonly represent half of who we are our phony characters attempt to shield us from the fact that authentic existence involves for each individual facing personal polarities Perls called the most famous Gestalt polarities Top Dog and Under Dog Top Dog attempts to be master by commandingdemanding insisting and scoldingour conscience the righteous part of us that always insists on being right Under Dog slavish part of us that appears to go along with the bullying demands of the Top Dogs ideals but in fact controls through passive resistance acts stupid lazy or inept as a means of trying to keep from successfully completing the orders of Top Dog our psychological lives are dominated by polarities connectionseparation strengthvulnerability Maya what we create in place of our authentic selves is a fantasy lifewe construct between our real selves and the real worldserves as a defensive purposeprotects us from threatening aspects of ourselves or our world2phobicwe are phobic about the pain that ensues from facing how dissatisfied we are with parts of ourselves
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