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Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 3May 21 2014PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LAWInterviews Police InterviewsWith witnesses vs suspectsoAn interview is an informationgathering task and when it is done with a witness it is approached differently less confrontationaloIn interviews you want to ask openended questions that doesnt lead to bias answers or that leads them to a guided answer Ex Who did you seeMemory enhancement procedureseg Guided Memory Technique Structured InterviewoIn structured interviews you are asking the same questions with allows comparisons between other people who answered the same questionsCognitive Interview Enhanced1Guided imageryHave your eyes closed and asked to describe what they remember2Temporal orderYou will follow through in order like a story Or to go backwards with the story3Report any related matter4Recall using different perspectivesInterviews with Suspects80 of criminal cases solved by confessionoThis includes the idea of plea bargain this is where someone is wiling to plea guilty and therefor receive less of a punishment Allocusion is confession in open court and in front of a judgeIn Canada a confession must be backed up by some other form of evidenceoIn many states in the US this isnt the case where confession is such powerful alone that can pretty much guarantee you a convictionWhipping suspects Brown v Mississippi 1936NYPD in 1980s used stun guns in order to induce confessions with others oIt is criminal for the police to do this and if they are discovered to use physical torture to elicit a confession it will put themselves at risk for criminal chargers themselvesLying about evidence promising lenient treatment implying threats to loved onesoThe judge will have decision whether these are acceptable when trying to get a confession from someone We arent talking about torture here these are just psychological tactics to elicit a confessionSuspect vs witnessTorture vs Soft sell BrainwashingEngland does not use many techniques popular in North America PEACEoIt is a very effective technique to elicit confessions
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