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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 - Juries and Trial Consultations

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Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 4May 28 2014JURIES AND TRIAL CONSULTATIONTrial ConsultationTrial ConsultationJury SelectionoWe want to have an impartial jury to not have any biases But in an adversary system trial consultants select the most biasest and impartial jury that favours their sideWitness preparationoLawyers prep their witness where they give ideas of how the witness say certain things what the witness wears etc Theory of the caseoDeciding whether you should plea not guilty not guilty due to insanity selfdefence etc Cross examination techniquesoTrying to get the individual in a panic stage to get them angry or anxiousImpact of pretrial publicityoIf it is a famous case you might be concerned if the jury might be tainted based off the information that has been presented on the media Therefore you might ask the judge to ask prospective jury members how much they know which determines their bais towards the case One thing you can do is providing a survey asking what they seen and perhaps what they think about the case Expert TestimonyOJ Simpson Murder TrialOJ Simpson was charged with the murder of his exwife Both the prosecution and the defense hired trial consultants to help with jury selectionoPotential jurors had to fill out a pretrial questionnaires asking personal questions The trial consultants on both side came to similar conclusionsoThey did not want to have minorities that had lower levels of education that would favour the defence oThe juror ended up with 2 men and 10 womens consisted of 1 hispanic 1 white and the rest black Most of them at most had high school degrees some community college degrees At least 3 of the jurors said that they had runins with the police The prosecution dismissed their trial consultant after the second dayEvidence for selecting a particular type of jurorJury SelectionMock trialsoHave a mock courtroom hiring actors to play lawyers or jurors what witnesses should say What type of clothing should be wornFocus groupsSurveysoAsking questions about beliefs what they know about the case how they feel about certain crimes and individuals Questionnaire packagesoQuestionnaire packages can be used to predict behaviourused to predict how jurors would respond if presented with certain evidenceData analysis
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