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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Homicidal Offenders

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

HOMICIDAL OFFENDERSTYPES OF HOMICIDETypes of Homicide1First degree murderMinimum sentence of 25 yearslifeIt is anytime of planned or deliberate murder you can show planned intent before the murder arrived to the scene of the crimeFirstdegree murder also includes killing a police officer or correctional officer2Second degree murderAny murder that is not firstdegree murder Often crimes can be charged as manslaughter3ManslaughterThey are reactive crimes which make up the most homicide crimes in Canada Also includes accidently killing someone ie drunk driving and you run over and kill a pedestrian25 years to life they are more chances to parole in comparison to first degree murders4Infanticide Involves the killing of a baby within a year of when the child is born This carries a 5year penaltyHomicide in CanadaMost homicide is done with a knife followed by with a gunoSocial psych research says that the presence of the gun in a home increases the likelihood that that gun will kill the owner of the gun or someone in that family living in the home or kill themself with the gun Another study also showed more aggressive responses with the presence of the gun aloneMore murder occurs in western than eastern provinces oManitoba Saskatewan and then Alberta followed by the territories especially Nunavut have the highest rate of murder in Canadaperhaps due to lack of enforcementMost 90 murderers are male between 18 and 24 as are most victimsoA fair a mount is gang related violence making up 25 In 2012 there was almost 100 gang related homicides Most victims know their killeroMost murder is by an acquaintance family member or friends o2012 homicides perpetrated by a stranger represented 15 of all homicides 85 of homicides were from a relative or acquaintance Bimodal Homicide Classification of HomicideReactive affective aggressionoThis is the most common homicideRelatives and friends are victims This occurs when the aggressor is in the heat of the momentdue to jealousy etc The presence of the gun increases the likelihood of violence turning into homicideoIt is impulsive unplanned and based largely on negative emotion anger loss of ones temper
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