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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Truth and Deception Detection

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Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 5June 2 2014PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LAWTruth and Deception DetectionDeception DetectionEckman 1985 Telling LiesLying is when one person intends to mislead another doing so deliberately without prior notification of this purpose and without having been explicitly asked to do so p 28Brokaw hazard famous for telling the lies were written all over an individuals face This however underlies all the makes for detection of lies The Leakage hypothesiscan detect deception by observing ways in which physiological responses are inconsistent with verbal accountingoThe idea that we are constantly giving away instantlyEX Poker storyLie DetectionPolygraphoIt has become illegal since 1998 in the States and has continued to be illegal in Canada especially for private corporationsbut it is still allowed by the government For example for policing oAlthough polygraphs are not admissible in courts it is still a wellused tool that investigators will use during interviewsinterrogations to see if they were shaky or not oIn real life situations we cannot be really sure whether or not the person is telling the truth or not We cannot use confessions as a determination if the person really did something or not since we know that false confessions can occur Statement AnalysisSVACBCAoStatement Validity Assessment and Content oUsed as a standardized set of questions that can be used for child witnesses or cases of sexual assault oMartinvilles Case children alleged of sexual conduct in a daycare where multiple people were convicted Behavior Analysis expressions that give away whether they are lying or notoFacial expressionoEye movement and Neurolinguistic programmingOur brains work in a particular way where we can use the type of gaze that a person is using to see if someone is telling the truth or notoEye contactoBody movementoVoiceoBrain scansBody Language Signs of DeceptionPhysical expression will be limited and stiff with few arm and hand movements Hand arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less spaceoLiars do not like to give a lot of information These are unconscious ways we deal with the situationwhere the liar wants to be inconspicuous in order to avoid detectionA person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contactoSometimes there is the over use of somethingex Over staring can also be an indicator of lying
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