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May122014FirsttestisMondayMay26OHTueandThurs1012CCIT4010Psy344Lec1IntroductiontoForensicPsychologyWhat is forensic psychologyIt is where psychology intersects with courts policing and prison system Legal process that deals with courts and court system investigation and policing and prison system For example Prisoners are identified by a number not by a name and are in solitary confinementnot humane a form of psychological torture For example Reliance on eyewitness testimony is heavily considered but it is not reliable we are only right half of the time Laws on criminal behavior change from time to time it is reflection of what we believe in that specific time Laws only change when we want them to change they are a reflection of society The law exists to keep a social contract in order FP is the intersection of law and psychology The law tries to maintain justice but it is imperfect it is based on beliefs of societyForensic psychology is a profession psychologists practice in an area ex courts prison system FP is the practical application of the three areas of the legal system In the APA or CPA there is a narrow definition of what a FP is They do clinical counseling assessments and treatments Some of the experimental research is in the field of applied cognitive and social psychology expert testimony and knowledge about law and the legal system Expert testimony an expert only testifies if the judge identifies that they have information beyond the general understanding of the average person Many judges believe they ought to have experts in courts to explain behaviors in certain situations ex such as why it is hard to leave a abusive husband In order to have knowledge about law and legal system first must be a psychologistWhat is psychologyIt is the scientific study of behavior The idea becomes lost in consciousness but more research is done on observable events we want evidence and theories that can be tested hence it is based on evidence we get from behavior It is a science based on empirical research and on the contrary the law is not Law is needed to enforce social order it is practical Law shapes society and culture but psychology is the study of behavior Psychology tries to make causal determinations through experimental methodsForensic psychology isPolice selection training and evaluation
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