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Finding a Voice

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Stuart Kamenetsky

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Lecture No. 6 (Hearing 1) Hearing Loss in the classroom - Listening through a damaged auditory system - Classrooms are noisy places - Wearing FM transmitters (teachers) o Almost impossible for a child to hear the teacher without the FM transmitter, muffled speech o Once its turned on its as if the teacher is speaking right in their ear - Pass mike in the classroom - Teacher repeating comments of other students in the classroom Please pay attention and record the following (we will discuss these in class): 1) technologies used to enable people to communicate 2) have these improved sufficiently to enable individuals to communicate much better today? 3) what may always be obstacles for such individuals depicted in the film from communicating? Finding A Voice - Dick Boydell - Cerebral palsy - Having Access to the right technology is vitally important Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions, such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. Struggles of early life: - Completely physically handicapped. Couldn’t communicate with anyone (other than family, some friends) - Tantrums - Schools wouldn’t take him, parents taught him at home - Radio was his lifeline - Wheelchair bound, couldn’t use hands and legs, lack of speech - Right foot and eyes only part which he can control effectively - Radio, page turner - New invention in his thirties: Possum typewriter: patient operated selector mechanisms and an eight position foot switch o Possum typewriter allowed him to communicate with everyone o The possum brought forth independence, got a job as a computer programmer for Fords o Started earning his own living - The Spastics Society: lives and works there now - Doesn’t have a motorized wheelchair because pulling himself by his feet is the
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