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Lecture 5

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Stuart Kamenetsky

Lecture 5 Communication disorders  Typical daily activity- communication is very complex  Small deficit in walking/talking- notice it right away  People will be senders and receivers  Exchange of information which can be anything  Communication is an extremely important tool  Communication deficit – cannot communicate with anyone as effectively as everyone else- can be a major challenge  We are social beings → finding a voice, method for people to be able to communicate  Communication is a privilege and not a right for these individuals Speech and Language - Forms of communication - Language used to exchange information - Communication that motivates language but not speech - This is not the only way to communicate - Any other form of ideas exchange language - Society would consider people who would not speak, could not communicate – this is not the case - Can text, write , sign language all forms of communication - Importance of non verbal education The Structure of language  Phonology- rules regarding how speech sounds, come together, before and after each other  Socialized different culture – say and combine certain sounds  Culture language unite certain phonemes  Phonological disorder – won’t be able to pronounce certain sounds  Speech production is a complex process  Certain sounds are difficult to pronounce , won’t be able to pronounce  Problems with vocal cord, dental problems Syntax - How words are combined to form sentences - Word order in sentence very important - Difficult for receiver to understand this type of mix up – if there is a word order - Switching word order entails switching meaning - Syntax error – hard time understanding and hard time communicating - Morphology – words can be transformed into a
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