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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Stuart Kamenetsky

Psy 345 Lecture 9 Nov 6, 2013 Acquired brain Injury vs traumatic brain injury -Traumatic brain injury is injury to the brain from a traumatic force. There are open and closed brain injuries. -Open brain injuries could be from a gunshot wound, or a hit to the head and results in a fracture to the skull. There is usually a lot of bleeding. The extent of the injury depends on how much force was involved and what part of the brain was affected. Injuries to the lower part of the brain usually results in loss of life. -Closed head injuries are traumatic injuries as well. The body is usually moving in a forward direction very quickly and then the body comes to an abrupt stop. When your head get hits abruptly the skull stops but the soft tissue in the brain keeps moving and gets damaged. There may be extensively bleeding inside the brain as a result of this type of injury. The bleeding results in pressure and loss of neural tissue. The only way to tell sometimes that there has been damage is from behavioral symptoms -acquired brain injury can be due to disease, stroke etc -congenital (you may have been born to a mom that smoked cocaine) vs. Birth process due to a lack of oxygen during birth or being born premature -Causes -highly preventable acciden
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