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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Peter Morrow

Lecture 7 Difficulties with deal culture approach - Ideally the child will learn English. - Most minorities learn and are familiar with the majority culture. - Technological and medical advances are deemed as inappropriate and offensive. - The deaf community regards cochlear implants as child abuse. - Advocacy has always been for removing barriers – the deaf community is building them. Solution 1: Cued speech - Spoken English + hand signs that enable a deaf person to distinguish between similar lip movements with different meanings. - Speech and Manual languages - Deaf community doesn’t like it – slap to ASL. Despised oralism English for the deaf community. - Proponents cite success stories where such students went far in life. Solution 2: Total communication Solution 3: Bilingual-Bicultural - Usually starts off with sign language and builds on that knowledge to teach English as a second language - Many parents feel that this just smuggles in ASL and English will be dropped later or dry up. - Age of introducing second language varies according to program. Some programs teach
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