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Lecture 1

PSY345H5 Lecture 1: A Multidisciplinary View of Exceptionality

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY345 Exceptionality Disabilities and GiftednessLecture 1 A Multidisciplinary View of Exceptionality Sept 10 2014What does Exceptional mean When we look from a statistical point of view ie Wechsler distribution score IF your scores are in the top 2 or bottom 2 you are exceptionalTherefore it is a significant deviation from the norm indicating that you are not typically and are either in the lower end or higher endGiftednesschildren with IQ scores with the ability to learn significantly higher than children with at the NORMHistory of Social Change Social isolation murder confinement outside societyoEx When we look at parts of the world like IRAQ Isis oWhen we look at biblical times that is what we tended to see There are a lot of discretions dating back to the Old Testament about this kind of excommunication with those with disabilities oThis meant that those with disabilities had to live elsewhere ie living outside the barrier created around community It also included not allowing certain people with certain disabilities to participate in religious ceremonies ie if youre blind you wouldnt be able to read the bible since you werent qualified oLeper Colony of Spinalonga Crete GreeceOne of the last active leper colonies in Europe 19031957People with leprosy lived on this island separated from society Why It became clear in this era that this disease is highly contagious disease and people recognize this as it would spread to the family first before strangers Given that they didnt know any or very little about science they presumed to know
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