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Lecture 2

PSY345H5 Lecture 2: Special Education

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY345 Exceptionality Disabilities and GiftednessLecture 2 Special EducationSept 17 2014IDEA US and Bill 82The Education Act on Special Education OntarioAll children have the right to learn in the least restrictive environment consistent with their academic social and physical needs Achieved by learning with peers who are not disabled Continuum of environments must be created An IEP must be created for each child based upon above assessment and designed to meet childs individual needHow is this AchievedMainstreaming oPlacing students with disability in general education classes without any additional supportoBasic human right everyone has the right to what is available Ie Public educationWe do not have the right to exclude others from education oSometimes the sort of correct human rights approach is not the correct approach clinically because at the end of the day yes they are receiving a public education but it is not appropriate for the child as heshe is exceptional and unable to learn in that environmentoTherefore this wont meet the childs individual needsThe Least Restrictive Environment LREoChildren with exceptionality are entitled to receive free education They were tested received a diagnosis and earned an eligibility to receive an education plan which may include an alternate placement in another class oEx A child who is blind and deaf wont be able to benefit in a regular classroom setting as heshe is unable to seehear what the class is talking about since there really isnt an assistance provided for the child oIn the least restrictive environment Level IGeneral education classroom with consultation from specialist child is in a general education classroom but there is a special education teacher who will come time to time for assistance as well as consult with the general education teacher oLevel II General education classroom cooperative teaching or coteaching with perhaps two teachers a general education teacher and special education teacheroLevel III parttime placement in special education classroomoLevel IV Fulltime special education classroom in a general education schooloLevel V Special School student is provided special education services in a special education schooloIn the most restrictive environment Level VIResidential school treatment center or homebound instruction the child is removed from society and is provided special education services at home or resides in a school or treatment center in which education is provided oRule of thumb The more severe the disability the more restrictive the environment in generalEducation integrationoThe end of separation of education for different group may have been based on ethnicity socioeconomic or disabilityoTalking about ending separation and physical placement of children receiving an education together oThis is achieved by physical placement of students on general education school campusesat least they will be on the general education schools even if they arent in the a general class They are now integrated although receiving a modified education
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